Josephine Siao Poster


One of the best-loved and respected members of the Hong Kong film community, for her long acting career, her stable family life and her devotion to charities, Siao successfully managed successive transitions from child star (she made her film debut at age 7) to leading lady, and then to distinguished character actress. In 1968 she took time out from acting to begin study at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, graduating with an honors degree in Communications in 1973. After returning to Hong Kong, she was involved in TV production work and once more took on film acting roles, although complications from her hearing disability limited the number of movies she was able to make. In the early 1980s, Siao married a Hong Kong media executive, with whom she has two daughters. In addition to raising a family and her film work, Siao also earned a Master's degree in Child Psychology in 1998 from Regis University in Denver, and in 1999 fulfilled her long-time dream of founding the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation, an organization she now heads.