Originally from Nice (France), Philippe Sisbane discovered a passion for cinema at an early age and at the age of 12, shot his first films in Super 8. At 18, he moved to Paris to study cinema and art history. To finance his studies, he produced radio shows for children, wrote film reviews, and worked as a production assistant on documentaries. He shot three short films in 16 mm ("Les naïfs (1985)"/"The Naive", "Les gémeaux (1986)"/"Gemini" and "Mon père: Victor F. (1988)"/"My Father: Victor F.") and made a documentary about San Francisco. He then moved on to 35mm with "Des yeux couleur du temps (1990)"/"A Rare Shade of Blue", "De l'autre côté du parc (1991)"/"The Other Side of the Park", "Doudou perdu (1993)"/"Teddy Bear Was Here", and "Post-scriptum (1995)". His medium-length film, "Le coma des mortels (2004)"/"Present Perpetual" was released theatrically as a feature film. These films were selected and won awards in various festivals in France and abroad, shown on TV channels, and released on DVD. "Félix et les Loups (2014)" / "Felix & the Wolves" is his first feature film.