Shepard Smith Poster


Shepard Smith joined CNBC in July 2020. Smith is the Executive Editor of the nonpartisan "The News with Shepard Smith" on CNBC. Smith was named CNBC's Chief General News Anchor and CNBC's Chief Breaking General News Anchor.

Smith worked for Fox News for 23 years beginning in 1996. Smith anchored Fox News' signature evening newscast, Fox Report with Jon Scott (1996), and anchored the 3 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET portion of Fox News Live, Studio B (2002), the network's daytime hard news programming. Smith joined Fox News as a general assignment reporter for the New York bureau in 1996. He was later promoted to senior correspondent for the network. While at Fox News, Smith covered a number of breaking news stories, including the Columbine school shootings; President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial; the conflict in Kosovo; the Jonesboro, Ark. and Paducah, Ky. school shootings; the 1997 standoff between the U.N. and Iraq; Princess Diana's funeral; the murder of Gianni Versace and the O.J. Simpson civil trial.

Before joining the network, Smith was a Fox News Edge (1998) correspondent in Los Angeles, where he covered a range of stories for the affiliate news service, including the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Montana Freemen standoff, the 1996 presidential campaign, and the Oklahoma City bombing. He also worked as a news reporter for the Twentieth Century Television syndicated program, A Current Affair (1986). Smith began his journalism career at WJHG-TV (NBC) in Panama City, Fla.

Smith left Fox News in 2019 and joined CNBC in 2020.