Slim, alluring, and attractive blonde Susan M. Smith was born on January 14, 1959 in Beloit, Wisconsin. Smith grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and participated in wet t-shirt contests in Las Vegas. She was discovered by "Playboy" photographer Robert Scott Hooper. Susan was the Playmate of the Month in the September, 1981 issue of "Playboy." She had previously appeared in the pictorial "The Girls of Las Vegas" in the February, 1979 issue of "Playboy." Smith participated in a no-holds-barred wrestling match with eccentric comedian Andy Kaufman for the "intergender championship of the world" belt. Although Susan clearly defeated Kaufman in this fierce bout, he was nonetheless still declared the winner of said fight. A sexy pictorial of this match was featured in the February, 1982 issue of "Playboy." Smith had small roles in two movies made in the 80s: She's a woman who gets stalked in a supermarket by a vicious misogynist mama's boy psycho in the splendidly sick'n'sleazy horror slasher cult favorite "Don't Go in the House" and a call girl in the lowbrow adult comedy romp "Working Girls." Susan now owns and runs her own construction business in the southwest.