Quotes (6)

  • The only thing I signed up to was AA. Not Alcoholics Anonymous, Anti-Apartheid.
  • Sex comes into every evaluation of a woman, there's no doubt about it. It's there. Once you've established a friendship or a working relationship with a woman, it's parked. But it's an interesting barrier. When you've gone through it and arrived at the other side, it's never a problem again. Well I'm not saying it is a problem at all, it's rather a delicious thing really, "what might have been" or "what could be".
  • [on the Scottish independence referendum] It is impossible to exaggerate what a remarkable experience it's been to be present at this exceptional moment. Whoever wins, the discourse has been intelligent, the arguments coherent, and the enthusiasm of the people remarkable.
  • You know Labour's in trouble when Tony Blair feels he has to intervene to dispense his advice to the party.
  • Well, Darkus Howe, you've made a lot of people very angry...
  • [on the Grenfell Fire] For me, given that as a reporter I'd seen lots of other terrible things, it was in our town, in our time, to our people, and that's what made it worse than anything I'd ever seen before.