Steven H. Stern received his degree from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. He began his career at the CBC, branching out into every aspect of the Canadian entertainment industry. In Los Angeles he started out working at MGM Studios directing commercials but quickly made the transition to directing theatrical and television motion pictures. He has directed over sixty motion pictures and mini-series many of which he has also produced and/or written. He has worked for major studios and television networks as well as making many independent movies. Mr. Stern has directed some of the most famous and celebrated stars including Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Keanu Reeves, Kirk Douglas, Christopher Reeves, Kim Bassinger, Tony Curtis, Holly Hunter, Tommy Lee Jones, Jackie Smith, Richard Thomas, Kate Jackson, Bill Cosby to name a few. His films have won awards at film festivals around the world from Berlin to Cannes, Toronto to Hollywood. Stern lives in Encino California with his wife.