Stefanos Stratigos was one of the most famous and beloved actors of Greek theater and cinema. Due to his aspect, he was often cast in roles of "tough" and "ruthless" men, although, according to the critics, his acting skills foretold that he could support more interesting roles on the big screen. He was born in 1923 in Athens and came from a theatrical family. His parents, Vasilis and Amalia, were among the most famous troupers of the interwar period, when performers used to tour the whole country, even the smallest Greek village, setting up a rudimentary stage in a cafe, to perform a play, entertain the people and make a living. The actor's profession was followed by his three younger sisters, Aleka (1926-1989), Rena (1929-2014) and Stella (1931-2005). Stefanos Stratigos was literally born in the theater and from a very young age he was initiated into acting. Unlike his parents and having great theatrical experience since his adolescence, he sought and studied at the Drama School of the then Royal Theater. After graduating in 1944, he appeared in large troupes, such as Vasilis Logothetidis, with whom he played in many plays in theater and cinema, Ellie Lambeti and Dimitris Horn, Dinos Iliopoulos and Vasilis Argyropoulos. He also created his own troupes, as a manager or co-manager with his colleagues, but also with Gely Mavropoulou, with whom they were a couple on stage and in life. After their divorce, he married the actress Mari Pantazi. His theatrical career continued until the mid-1980s, collaborating with great actors such as Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, Nikos Xanthopoulos and Thanasis Vengos, who toured together in Greece and abroad. Stefanos Stratigos, in addition to the theater, where he played a large and varied repertoire, from Greek to classical, took part in many films. His first appearance in cinema was in 1948 in Alekos Sakellarios's film The Nazis Strike Again (1948), alongside Vasilis Logothetidis. His roles in the films The Girl of the Taverna (1952), Santa Chikita (1953), The Magic City (1954), A Girl in Black (1956), The Auntie from Chicago (1957), Trouble for Fathers (1957), Murder in Kolonaki (1959), The Wise Guy (1962), The Scum (1963), Papaflessas (1971) and The Man with the Carnation (1980) stand out from his prolific filmography. In the early 60's he also directed, most successfully with the comedy Etairia thavmaton (1962). He retired from acting in the early 1990s. His last credits were his participation in Thanassis Scroubelos' film O Tzonys Keln, kyria mou (1991) and in the in Marios Retsilas's drama series Anatolikos anemos (1992), which was shown in 1992 by ANT1 network. Stefanos Stratigos passed away on April 6, 2006, at the Red Cross Hospital in Athens. According to the medical announcement, his death occurred due to a respiratory infection.