Kazuma Suzuki Poster


Kazuma Suzuki is a Japanese actor from Shizuoka, Japan. He has over 20 years of acting experience in Asia, appearing in hundreds of TV series and films. He is fluent in Japanese and English and also skilled in samurai sword combat, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, and many styles of martial arts.

Kazuma started his career as a model for fashion magazines in Japan, but his interest was always in working overseas. After struggling for a few years, he was finally given a major opportunity: to walk on the runway for Paris Collection. During the fashion week, he ran around the city auditioning for as many international fashion brands as possible. However, at the end of fashion week, the Gulf War broke out and everyone was immediately sent home. With no prospect of working internationally, Kazuma was devastated. 6 months later, a miracle occurred. The international fashion icon Benetton offered him to be the first Japanese person to model for the international campaign. Given an opportunity to restart his international career, he flew back to Paris for the photo shoot. Kazuma was featured on posters all around the world including Times Square, giving him international recognition. Fortunately, after Benetton, he had a successful career as a worldwide fashion model, working in major cities such as Paris, Milan, London and New York. He walked on the runway for Giorgio Armani, Hedi Slimane and etc, appeared on numerous fashion magazines such as Vogue, i-D and Harper's Bazaar.

Although Kazuma had some opportunities to perform in from of the camera while he was a model, he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to study acting seriously and dedicate his life to it. Kazuma took matters into his own hands and knocked on the door of Yoko Narahashi, the most respected method acting coach in Japan. Kazuma's cutting-edge acting skills were soon recognized by Yukio Ninagawa, the world renowned Shakespearean director. Mr. Ninagawa cast Kazuma as Ferdinand in his critically acclaimed production of The Tempest.

Since then, he won Best Supporting Actor for his memorable performance in the film Orokamono. He was a series regular on two of the most watched TV series, Ten Urara and Aoi Tokugawa sandai, making him a household name in Japan. Despite becoming a distinguished actor in Japan, he never lost his desire to work worldwide.

Coincidently the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission was searching for an artist who was interested in spreading their artwork overseas. After a vigorous selection process, Kazuma was chosen to be a Japanese fellow visiting the U.S. under the 2015 Japan-U.S. Exchange Friendship Program in the arts. The long sought gate to Hollywood finally opened for him. Once he had moved to the U.S., he immediately started to audition for major projects, fulfilling his dream of working in both Japan and Hollywood.