Anneka Svenska Poster


Anneka Svenska is an actress, UK TV presenter and animal expert, with a 20-year history in TV, theatre and film. She is most famous for her successful Channel 5 cult show outTHERE (2001), which ran for three years. Anneka wrote and hosted this movie show as fictional spoof character "Eden", - a cyberbabe with the extraordinary power to channel video images.

As well as "outTHERE", Anneka has appeared in TFI Friday (1996), The Big Breakfast (1999), Bump & Grind (2006), Clubavision (2000), "Granada Movies", "Movie Cafe", Brainiac (2007), It's Me or the Dog (2008), The Rory Bremner Show (1988), "The Generation Game", Still Crazy (1998), The Lost Son (1999) and EastEnders (1985).

Anneka's love of theatre started when she trained at the Jackie Palmer Stage School between the age of 4 and 16, where she appeared in a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Joseph and The Technicolour Dreamcoat". She carried on her school education, winning awards for her comedy writing and directing at her local high school. Anneka practiced at this time alongside the 4 Ways Theatre Group, where she appeared in many comedy productions. Anneka later went on to graduate with honors in Dance and Drama at De Montford University and finished her training with a postgraduate diploma from The Guildford School of Acting. Anneka has trained in tap dance, comedy writing, physical theatre, Meisner, Method and stage combat.