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Alison Sweeney won the Viewers Choice award for America's Favorite Villain at the 29th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards held on May12, 2002 .

She was the champion of the "Daytime Stars" edition of Weakest Link (2001), after competing against fellow Days of Our Lives (1965) and Passions (1999) stars.

Took Days of Our Lives (1965) co-star Bryan Dattilo to her senior prom.

Growing up, the Sweeney siblings - Ryan, Alison and Sten - had a system for keeping each other "in line": The elder sibling(s) would tell the younger one that s/he (the younger sibling) had been left at the Sweeney home by gangsters; and that if the younger "sib" didn't behave, the elder "sib(s)" would take him/her back to prison. (And it worked, too.)

She loves being recognized by fans for her Tales from the Darkside (1983) episodes. Actually, she played a different character (both were named "Karen") in each episode.

Speaks Spanish fluently.

The second of three children, Alison has an older brother and a younger one.

She and her husband David welcomed their first child, a son, Benjamin Edward Sanov on February 25, 2005 at 10:30am. The baby weighed in at seven pounds.

Was an evening undergraduate at UCLA, where she took business classes after work.

Her son Ben doubles as a physical training-partner...sort of. Every morning, she first does push-ups with the baby lying under her...letting her long mane dangle over him. Then Ali does sit-ups with Ben lying on her chest for resistance. After that, she lifts and lowers him overhead to work her triceps. Ali credits Ben with being a terrific motivation.

In addition to swimming and kick-boxing, which her TV-sister Christie Clark also enjoys, Alison loves gymnastics and can do a mean back-handspring. She also loves to garden.

Gave birth to her second child, daughter named Megan Hope Sanov, on January 12, 2009.

She has several pets even though she has allergies.

Once suffered from Bulimia.

Has participated in marathons and triathlons.

Release of her book, "All The Days of My Life (So Far)". [2004]

She's directing an Internet Series called "In Tune". She is working with fellow actresses, Jessica Anderson, Lindsay Gareth, and actors, Jackson Davis, and Darren Meekin. [August 2006]

Plays Samantha (Sami) Gene Brady on the Soap Days of Our Lives (1965). [May 2006]

Her acting mentors are Deidre Hall and Lauren Koslow.

In Days of Our Lives (1965), Alison Sweeney slaps two times and punches two times Arianne Zucker.

Of Clan Sweeney.