Charlie Talbert Poster


Charlie Talbert, born Charles McClellan Talbert in Kenosha, WI. Was discovered by Director Patrick Read Johnson (5-25-77) while in line late one evening telling jokes to the workers in a Wendy's, landing him the starring role in the 1995 Turner Classic film "Angus". After a six year hiatus from acting Charlie has rebooted his career in early 2015 acting in such films as "I Saw The Light" (2015), "Hap and Leonard" (2015), "Camera Obscura" (2017) and the Oscar winning film "The Big Short" (2015). Having tried his hand at The Groundlings in Los Angeles and performing Stand-Up at The World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. or at the HaHa Cafe Comedy Club on Lankershim Blvd. Charlie returned to the big screen to reach a larger audience. In his off time he is an ordained minister and has performed several weddings for friends and fans alike. Charlie lives by the mantras, "There is no small parts, only small actors" and "Every little bit helps".