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Quotes (4)

  • Wrinkles, soft faces, older faces are signs of wisdom, which is the greatest sign of beauty.
  • [on the cancellation of Joan of Arcadia (2003)]: "I'd rather be a on a good show that only runs two years than on a dumb show that's a hit for like eight years, which is usually the case these days".
  • [on filming Two and a Half Men (2003) Hands down one of the best experiences of my 20 year career, The cast has been incredibly kind and supportive in guiding me through such unfamiliar steps. I've never done a sitcom before, I come mostly from dramatic roles, so there has been a large learning curve for me. But everyone, and I mean everyone - from writers to camera operators to wardrobe - have made me feel like a million bucks
  • [on auditioning for Two and a Half Men (2003)] I told Jon Cryer to go 'F' himself in the audition, in front of [creator] Chuck Lorre.