Trivia (5)

She made her debut at the theater in Bad Godesberg in 1924. In the next years followed engagements in Bremen, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin where she became established as a stage actress.

She continued her stage and film career after the war and she became a demanded support actress for film and television where she remained active to the old age.

Her cinematical activity increased from the 70s.

She also impersonated first movie roles in the sound film era of the 30s, but her aspiring acting career came to an abrupt end with the National Socialists. As a Jew she was no longer able to work from 1933 and she hid together with her husband in a village where she lived as a farmer thanks to the support of the local mayor.

The actress Dora Thalmer, who was also credited as Doris Thalmer became at young age fascinated by the stage because her mother was an opera singer.