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Trivia (21)

His first impression on Saturday Night Live (1975) was of Bill Cosby, which he did regularly on All That (1994).

Currently lives in both Los Angeles and New York.

Good friends with Kel Mitchell

Reprised three of his All That (1994) roles on its 10th Anniversary Special: Lester Oaks: Construction Worker, Principal Pimpel, and Pierre Escargot, whom he mentions is his favorite character.

Had to wear a fat suit for the character of Fat Albert (2004) for the title character.

Was on weight-loss program before getting the lead role in Fat Albert (2004). Afterward, he had to gain the weight back.

The series on which he stared, All That (1994), aired exactly 20 years after Saturday Night Live (1975) aired. He would go on to star in the latter eight years later.

Is the first regular cast member on Saturday Night Live (1975) to be born after the show first premiered.

Is an Atlanta Falcons fan.

Has played both "Fat Albert", in the live-action movie, Fat Albert (2004), and the show's creator, Bill Cosby, which he has done several times, including on a Celebrity Jeopardy sketch on Saturday Night Live (1975).

A fan favorite recurring role on Saturday Night Live (1975) is Kenan Thompson's "Diondre Cole", a BET talk-show host: "What Up With That?" His character never allows guests to be interviewed because "Diondre Cole" always interrupts them - breaking out into a song & dance number with a bizarre & comedic ensemble cast.

Has a two daughters named Georgia Marie born June 20, 2014 and Gianna Michelle born July 31, 2018 with his wife Christina Evangeline.

On May 9, 2015 (just 30 minutes before Mother's Day), Kenan Thompson, his Saturday Night Live (1975) co-stars, and host Reese Witherspoon appeared alongside their mothers in the opening monologue. That year, Mother's Day coincided with Kenan Thompson's birthday, making it all the more a very special occasion for him and his mother.

As of 2017, Kenan Thompson holds the record for the show's longest-tenured cast member on Saturday Night Live, as he is currently in his 15th season on SNL, and Darrell Hammond (who held the record before him) only stuck around for 14 seasons.

Kenan currently holds the record for most impressions done on SNL.

Shares the same birth date and birthplace with actress Corri English.

Nominated for the 2018 Emmy Award in the Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category for his various roles in Saturday Night Live (1975), but lost to Henry Winkler from Barry (2018).

Best friends with Nick Cannon.

He is half of the comedic duo Kenan & Kel with Kel Mitchell.

He holds the record for the longest-running cast member on Saturday Night Live (1975) for 18 seasons. He broke the previous record of 14 seasons which was held by Darrell Hammond.

Was nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series Emmy in 2020. He lost to Dan Levy. Dan would later appear on Saturday Night Live (1975) for which he was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series.