Quotes (4)

  • Horror exists in every nook and cranny of this world. There is always horror just waiting to happen. The more science grows and the population grows, the more conflicts between nations, between families, the more horror that comes out of it.
  • I really love the twisting of human nature in film. That's a very powerful device, to watch a human being either crumble or gain strength. When somebody's psyche has been manipulated into performing a great act of horror -- whether it be the devil or Charles Manson -- well, that's inevitably far more scary that bats in the belfry or things that go bump in the night.
  • I love to be scared. That's the bottom line. It makes me feel real.
  • I'll tell you, though, real life is still the best canvas for horror. More things happen here that are so shocking. It's like I look forward to being "padded" by a horror film; all that gross stuff makes me feel safe. Real life is far more shocking.