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Gave birth to a son, who she named Angel Gabriel in Brasilia, Brazil on February 18, 2002. The following day Brazilian authorities turned down her appeal on keeping the identity of the child's father a secret when they declared that they could store the placenta from her child's birth for future DNA testing. Brazilian official have denied that her child's birth in Brazil can prevent Trevi from being extradited to Mexico where she is wanted for child abuse charges.

Her album "Zapatos Viejos" went platinum in Japan and Spain.

Pregnant with her second child, due 2005.

Was finally extradited to Mexico on December 21, 2002 after Brazilian authorities declined her petition for political asylum. Trevi and her infant son were escorted by Mexican authorities who plan to put her in trial for child abuse and molestation charges in early 2003. [December 2002]

Was released from her 5 year sentence from a Mexican prison. [September 2004]