Hugh Trevor Poster


Educated at Collegiate Prepitory-Columbia Extension Institute, Hugh Trevor-Thomas was planning an altogether different future for himself until following the advice of his distant relative, producer William Le Baron. He left New York where he had successfully begun his own insurance company (Thomas and Blomer, Inc.) and instead decided to pursue an acting career. After completing a positive screen test reportedly directed by actor Richard Dix, he made his film debut at the end of the silent era. Often cast in collegiate roles, this handsome, ingratiating young actor continued as a successful leading man in both sound features as well as radio. In 1931, he once more turned his attention to the insurance business, forming another company. Although not appearing in films for the next two years, he was still in demand and roles continued being offered for his consideration. Sadly, as it was, both careers were abruptly ended by his death two weeks after his 30th birthday; dying from post-operative complications following an appendectomy.