With 20 years of experience, Annette Trumel worked on French and international productions in the fields of cinema, television and advertising. She casted actors in France for the movie Insyriated which has won many awards in festivals like Berlinale 2017, Angoulême 2017, Magritte 2018. She worked on Soldat Blanc (White Soldier) - the French winner on the Emmy Award 2015. Her credits include Femme Fatale, Before Sunset, Loulou, The Incredible Secret who has won César for the best animated film in 2014. Recently Annette casted actors in France for Versailles (30 episodes) and Spy City (10 episodes) TV series. She is working on several projects for 2020.

Annette has worked in movies with James Ivory, Richard Linklater, Marc Recha, Erick Zonca, Andrzej Zulawski and Yousry Nasrallah; in TV series with Arnaud Sélignac and Virginie Wagon among others.