Alejandro Ulloa Poster


Alejandro García Ulloa was born in Madrid on October 22nd. 1910. As a 12-year old child he attended the play "Don Álvaro o la fuerza del sino" at the Teatro Español, where renowned actor Ricardo Calvo played the lead. He was so impressed that went to the National Library, got the play and learned a monologue by heart, expressing to his startled family his desire to become an actor. He got his first bit role as meritorio (extra) at the Teatro Lara in Madrid, and at 18 entered Enric Borràs stage company, from where he went to his admired Ricardo Calvo company already as young leading man (galán joven). Then he entered film industry, both as actor and director. As actor he played in Se ha perdido un cadáver (1942), Cuarenta y ocho horas (1943) and Es peligroso asomarse al exterior (1946) which he starred and also also directed, as five more films (see Director Credits). He moved to Barcelona where he would establish, and for seven years was dubbing director to Spanish for MGM. He had dubbed Robert Taylor and James Stewart since 1935, also often offered his voice to Robert Montgomery and Amedeo Nazzari. In 1942 he returned to theatre playing Don Juan Tenorio in Barcelona at the Teatro Romea, an ever-present play in Spain during those times around 1st. November (All Saints day) -and still is to a point. Two years later he started his own stage company and opened at Teatro Calderón in Barcelona with Hamlet and later Cyrano to great acclaim. His Max Estrella in Valle-Inclán's "Luces de Bohemia" also became famous. From then on he staged many classical plays both Spanish and foreign, classical and modern. In 1953 he played "El alcalde de Zalamea" at the Teatre Borràs in Barcelona and then toured America for five years, including a Broadway Spanish theatre season. He received several theatre awards and Barcelona city gold medal. He recorded verse and poetry for Columbia records. He went on working both in theatre and television (where he played for example Richelieu in The Three Musketeers) until his retirement in 2003 (in his nineties!). He died in Barcelona on April 27th. 2004 at 93 years of age some months after a bad fall. To listen to him recite (in Andalusian style) see related Youtube link at External Sites section.