Julie Upton Poster


I was born & raised in Central Florida and started modeling by serendipitous accident at fifteen. It was presented to me, & I said Yes. I moved to South FL to attend the Art Institute, then booked my first audition which was an Industrial Commercial with dialogue & improvisation. I was hooked. That began decades of hard work & blessings in the industry that became my passion, & such a fun way to express myself and humanity.

Since then, I've worked on six TV series, seven films, well over 250 National Commercials. I've had the pleasure of extensive experience with large groups of people, sales, public speaking/appearances, and travel enjoying all that. I've represented several large companies with yearly contracts- nationally & internationally. Those experiences birthed my life's mission, long before I knew what it was. So much more than acting or modeling- I live to make people smile, feel, or both. Encouraging & lifting others is my heart's focus, and my goal is to leave every room or person somehow better than I found them. XO