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Urgiss provided material for comedies, dramas, historical materials and literary adaptations.

He began his career as the author of various literary contributions.

He was married to the German soprano Gerty Lewin (1879-1927).

The screenwriter Julius Urgiss began his career as a film critic and journalist for the journal "Der Kinematograph". Therefore he got an immerged insight to the film business and finally he wrote his first screenplay in 1915 for "Die Schaffnerin der Linie sechs" (1915).

The 20s marked the height of his cinematical career and he wrote numerous screenplays.

He wrote a biography of the silent-film star Henny Porten.

For seven years from 1919, he collaborated with Max Jungk, and in 1928 he worked with Frederick Raff.

He was not only a screenwriter and film critic, but he was also a musician.

With the rise of the National Socialism Julius Urgiss had to leave Germany and he went to the USA.

Julius Urgiss became a demanded screenwriter from 1918. He already began his collaboration with the screenwriter Max Jungk in those years which lasted till to the middle of the 20s.

His last screenplays came at the beginning of the 30s into being.

He had one daughter, Eva Agathe Urgiss (1911-1999), who married Albert Einstein's biographer and former step-son-in-law, Dr. Rudolf Kayser.