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Trivia (15)

She was Prince's protégé and was in the band "Vanity 6" in which she played a hooker on stage (the band was originally named "Hookers").

Daughter of a German mother, Helga Senyk, and an African-American father, James Levia Matthews.

After leaving Hollywood she dedicated most of her life to her church.

Prince originally wanted her stage/band name to be "Vagina" but she refused and they settled upon "Vanity."

Was supposed to play the female lead opposite Prince in Purple Rain (1984).

Also a singer and surrealist painter.

An ex-model, she is the sister of model Patricia Matthews.

As a singer has performed under the name D.D. Winters in Canada, Denise Matthews in Los Angeles, and Denise Sonic in Tokyo.

Was once engaged to Nikki Sixx.

Hired as Director of Public Relations for Genesis Technology Group. ("Inside Lines" column, Computerworld) [1996]

Heavily involved in Christian Ministry as an Evangelist. [2004]

Died approximately 67 days before the death of her longtime mentor and former boyfriend Prince.

Upon her death, her remains were cremated and her ashes were scattered off into coast of Hawaii.

Aunt of actor Connor Amacio.

Contrary to popular belief, Vanity's actual middle name is "Katherine" and NOT "Katrina." According to her family, a local journalist incorrectly listed her middle name as Katrina after interviewing Vanity during the early days of her career.