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Died during a preview of J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (1959), an adaptation of his novel that he disowned.

Father of Patrick Vian.

Engineer, poet, novelist, songwriter, jazz trumpeter, and record producer, Boris Vian was truly a symbol of the young post-war intellectuals of France.

Because of the 1929 crash, Boris's father, Paul Vian had to lease his big house, keeping only a smaller one in the property for his family. Yehudi Menuhin thus became a neighbor of Boris Vian. Paul Vian got killed in 1944 by bandits in his house and the property was sold because of the family trauma.

His grandfather Henri Vian had a bronze art atelier. He did works for Edmond Rostand so Jean Rostand as a neighbor in Ville d'Avray knew the Vian family. Boris had his novel "Vercoquin et le plancton" read by Jean Rostand who sent it to Raymond Queneau.