Kristina Wagner Poster


Jack Wagner and Kristina flew to Lake Tahoe on a Lear jet that Jack had rented. On December 18, 1993, the long anticipated wedding finally took place. Children: Peter Wagner (9/4/90) & Harrison Wagner (12/1/94). Siblings: 2 older brothers: Dan (5 years older), Joe (3 years older)! TV: General Hospital (1963) August 1984-??? (In 1991, she left GH for a 7-month hiatus, returning on May 22, 1992!) Kristina wants her children to have as carefree a childhood as she did. She was raised in a working-class section of Indianapolis, the daughter of electric-company employee Leonard Crump and his wife, Carolyn, a homemaker. She graduated from Northwest High School, 1981. (The name Malandro comes from a brief first marriage that she refuses to talk about). "We didn't have a lot of money", she says, "but my family made the most out of what we had". In 1984, during her junior year as a theater major at Indiana Central University/ now University of Indianapolis, she drove to Chicago, one of several cities where GH was holding auditions. "I drove three hours there and three hours home", she recalls. As soon as she returned, she got a call back and had to make the trip again the next day. But, she did get the part. She soon left school and moved to LA.