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Quotes (5)

  • On being stopped for the voice of "Edna Krabappel" on The Simpsons (1989): You'd be amazed at what you get stopped for.
  • The odds of getting a series long enough to be remembered are infinitesimal. A lot of what I've done, I would not have done without Carol Kester.
  • I have heard, "You're too recognizable for this part". I remember once, I desperately wanted to be on the series, 9 to 5 (1982), and they just weren't going to see me because of that. Every once in a while, something would break my heart.
  • [on her on- and off-screen chemistry with Bob Newhart, who played Dr. Robert Hartley]: He was incredibly easy to get along with and very supportive of the writers. Every once in a while, when there was a line he might like, I would bring my dog to work and my dog was dumb, she would only eat and yawn. So, he would get down on his hands and knees, reads the line, the dog would yawn at his face. See, I told ya! Even the dumb dog think it's funny.
  • [When she learned if Bob Newhart, wanted to have kids on The Bob Newhart Show (1972)]: Bob said, 'No dogs, no kids.' He didn't want it to be Father Knows Best (1954). So Bob and Emily were DINKs - double income, no kids - which was kind of unusual then.