Marc Wallice Poster

Trivia (5)

Has three DUI (Driving Under the Influence) convictions, two of them felonies.

Entered rehab on 12/14/96 and was discharged eight months later. After that he immediately went into a sober living residence where he stayed for three months.

On 4/30/98 it was announced that he had tested HIV positive. It was also stated that he may have been the "patient zero" in a recent string of HIV infections in the heterosexual porn industry. This, of course, put an immediate end to his 18-year career as a performer. He admitted that a few days after finding out he had tested HIV positive,he withdrew all the money from his bank account, accumulated all the cash he could lay his hands on, then checked into a motel and smoked cocaine for a month straight. It ended in late June when several criminals attempted to kidnap him. They wanted Wallice to take them to his bank and withdraw all his money. While leaving his hotel, he managed to whisper to the clerk to call the police, who arrived quickly and arrested everyone--including Wallice--for possession of narcotics.

Quit his job bagging groceries at Trader Joe's when he was 21 to enter the porn industry.

Often confused with TV documentary writer/producer Marc Wallace.