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Mother of Katie Jackson & Billy Jackson.

She declined to be interviewed on the Lord of the Rings DVDs because she wishes to remain private. There are no clips or pictures of her, whatsoever, on the DVD either, except for a brief appearance with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens as they accept the Oscar during the 2004 Awards. However, she does contribute an audio commentary.

Provided the base sound that the Nazgul scream was created from. She was sick at the time, and to provide additional motivation one of the sound techs told her to "scream like peter just bought the rights to the Silmarillion" (the Silmarillion being another Tolkien story, covering the entire history of middle earth back to its creation and beyond).

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), the portraits on the wall over the fireplace at Bag End, representing Bilbo's parents, are actually portraits of Frances and Peter Jackson (without the beard).

Played in a punk rock band in Wellington during the 80's called The Wallsockets.

While filming The Lord of the Rings, she discovered she was a distant cousin of Brian Sibley, who also wrote an adaption of The Lord of the Rings decades before for BBC Radio. She and Sibley met for the first time when he traveled to New Zealand to research books he was writing on the making of the films.