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Older sister of actress Nina Wayne. Aunt of Jessica Barrymore.

Played opposite Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962) as the Matinee Lady, in "Art Fern's Tea-Time Movies".

Was a topless showgirl at Las Vegas' Foiles Bergere.

She and her sister skated with Ice Capades as teenagers.

Can be seen as an audience member in Monterey Pop outtakes disc. Her husband, at the time, was Barry Feinstein, one of the many Cinematographers of the event.

Mother, with Barry Feinstein, of son Alex Feinstein.

On the day of her untimely death, Carol Wayne's traveling companion was a Los Angeles car dealer named Edward Durston. More than 15 years earlier, Mr. Durston had been with Diane Linkletter, daughter of Art Linkletter, on the night of her tragic demise.

Appeared in the February 1984 issue of Playboy magazine.

On an October 2, 1973 episode of The Tonight Show she was joking with Johnny Carson about age, telling him he was old. He told her "some day you'll be 46 (his age at the time)", to which she replied "I hope so." Sadly, this was tragic foreshadowing as Carol was only 42 when she passed away.