Lisle Wilkerson Poster


Lisle grew up in Tokyo, Japan and moved to the US in 2008. She speaks fluent Japanese, and has been hosting radio/television shows in Japanese/English ever since she was 19 yrs old.

Lisle is best known as the powerhouse voice of Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro and Zafina from the Tekken franchise and Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter.

Lisle was also in the 2003 Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola film "Lost in Translation", and played a principal role in the 2006 award winning indie film, "Kamataki".

She is based in Los Angeles, and works as a freelance voice over actress, as well as being a local correspondent for the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys for Japan.

She hosts a weekly entertainment television show on NTV BS in Japan, and also hosts a weekly radio segment on "INTER-FM".

She also works as an interpreter, sometimes doing interpreting for anime con guests as well as for other venues and corporations.