Gained recognition in 1992 when, during the race riots in Los Angeles, California, known as the "Rodney King riots", he rescued a Japanese-American motorist who had been pulled out of his car and was being beaten by a mob. The motorist was semi-conscious and bleeding heavily when Williams rescued him, and a passing black driver picked up the injured man from Williams and drove him to a nearby hospital, where emergency surgery saved his life.

GregAlan in a founding member of the renown African American Theater company Penumbra (St. Paul, MN) where he worked with the company's playwright in residence Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson.

GregAlan was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. A former Marine Corps Combat Engineer, GregAlan is listed in the Who's Who of the United States Marine Corps.

Recipient of 2 Regional Emmy Awards: 1988-89 - Chicago Regional Emmy Award - Outstanding Achievement For Individual Excellence - Fast Break To Glory - WMAQ - TV 2015 - Upper Midwest Regional Emmy - Documentary Historical - Iowans Remember Vietnam - Iowa Public Television - Narrator.

Attended Coe College in Iowa.