Trivia (6)

Provided several voices for the animatronic creations at Disneyland as well as alien voices for the "Star Trek" film series.

Dubbed Brigitte Bardot's voice for the American release of The Night Heaven Fell (1958) [The Night Heaven Fell].

Played the part of Betty, Robert Young's oldest daughter, on radio's "Father Knows Best" from 1949 to 1954. Elinor Donahue took over the part when the show moved to TV.

In Hollywood from age 5, she began on radio as a juvenile.

Provided the model and voice of Drizella, one of the evil stepsisters in Disney's classic Cinderella (1950).

She was survived by her husband of 44 years David Van Meter, her daughters Janis Van Meter-Hayes and Debra Van Meter-DePew, two sons Jon Van Meter and Steve Van Meter, twelve grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.