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Skilled at making highly realistic sound effects with only his mouth.

Winslow's Police Academy character of Larvelle Jones is the only character to appear in all the installments of Police Academy, including all seven movies, the cartoon, and the TV series.

Won The Gong Show (1976)'s top honors twice.

Retreated from show business for a time after the mother of his two children died of a drug overdose in 1993.

His parents names are Robert, formerly in the Air Force, and Verdie.

His childhood abilities had him labeled a misfit, but he used his special talents (barking dog) as a defense from the rough kids.

Lasted one year at the University of Colorado at Denver majoring in political science curriculum before pursuing a standup career.

Living in Florida. [January 2007]

Apart from smaller roles in movies and TV, Michael has been touring for a little while as a stand-up comedian, displaying some of his vocal prowess as the "Man of 10,000 Sound Effects" [May 2002]

Spokesperson for Cancer Foundations. [March 2007]

During his scene for Spaceballs, Winslow did all the sound effects himself. Mel Brooks mused that he saved around $1,000 by allowing Winslow to do so.

After moving to Los Angeles early in his career, he slept on Venice Beach. After he won a prize on the Gong Show, he was able to purchase a car.

Credits George Gaynes as his favorite acting mentor/best friend.

His acting mentor was the late George Gaynes.

Born on the same day as Jeff Foxworthy.

For his part in the movie space balls he did all the sound effects himself and no others were used.