In his twenties, Londoner Gordon Winter fronted the post-punk bands 'English Subtitles', 'Gorp' and 'Kill Ugly Pop', all 3 bands released vinyl lp and ep records and toured extensively. Gordon started London's influential 'Beet Bop Club' as a home for 'Gorp' and the burgeoning new jazz bohemia. In his 30s Gordon moved into acting, featuring in over 100 international TV Commercials including Guinness 'Dancing Man' and Amex with Jerry Seinfeld. His ad showreel 'Gordon Winter TV Commercials' can be seen on youtube. He toured the UK as 'Lucky Eric' with Hull Truck's 'Bouncers' and appeared in the West End with Rudolf Nureyev. He's in Mike Leigh's Cannes Winning Feature 'Secrets and Lies' and was a regular in TV series 'Frank Stubbs', 'South by South East', and 'Fantastic Facts', he also appeared in the last ever episode of 'Minder'. Gordon founded the legendary live swing jazz cabaret, 'The Kroon Kat Lounge', which ran for over ten years. He's recently been seen with Olivia Colman in BBC2s 'The Thirteenth Tale' starring Vanessa Redgrave, and will shortly be seen in the Feature Films 'Fraternity' and 'The Honourable Rebel'.