Scott Wordham Poster


Scott Wordham was born in Atlanta, Georgia to a British father and a Canadian mother making him a citizen of three countries. Thanks to his upbringing and a decade of playing rugby, Scott experienced colorful dialects on a daily basis and now has an excellent command of numerous accents.

As the youngest of nine children Scott's passion for acting came naturally as he quickly realized how to stand out in a crowd of loud siblings. In high school Scott enjoyed preforming in variety shows. This started him on the path to improv, which he preformed for many years after college.

Although he always loved to act, Scott did not get serious about a career in entertainment until 1998 when he was cast in his first television role. He played the part of Floyd in the short-lived, but very funny NBC sitcom "LateLine". Shortly after that Scott worked on a few projects for TNT while continuing to perform improv in Los Angeles theaters.

His first feature film role came in 2001 in the MGM film "HeartBreakers" as the "goofy valet." Scott went to Miami to film this role where he acted alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt. Scott's most recent film role is in the current "Jason Bourne" movie where he plays the lead agent in Las Vegas next to Tommy Lee Jones. In "Jason Bourne" as well as the television series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Scott also worked in the stunt department, an opportunity he greatly enjoys for its physical challenge.

Scott has also appeared in commercials both domestic and international. A big animal advocate, Scott is a volunteer at the Westside German Shepherd Rescue where he helps find great dogs permanent homes.