Steve Wozniak Poster

Trivia (16)

Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, 2000.

Appeared briefly as a hippie extra in Vanishing Point (1971) in 1971.

Co-founder of Apple Computer with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.

In 1985, he was awarded the National Medal of Technology - the US's highest honor for innovators.

In 1990, he founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation (, which is becoming an increasingly prominent and influential organization today.

Played computer games from Ken Williams's company Sierra On-Line while recovering from an airplane crash.

Graduated from Homestead High School (Sunnyvale, CA) in 1968.

Steve's paternal grandfather was of Polish descent, while Steve's paternal grandmother had Swiss-German and German ancestry. Steve's mother was of German, Northern Irish, and English descent.

Teacher in elementary and middle schools in Los Gatos, California. [1996]

Recently started a new company, Wheels of Zeus, which incorporates GPS technology and computers. [January 2005]

Was in a relationship with comedian Kathy Griffin [2007-2008].

He is often the first person in line every time Apple releases a new major product, often camping outside Apple stores overnight. He has stated that he could easily get products in advance but insists on waiting in line like other customers as he would "rather be genuine, like the real people".

While he is no longer active at Apple Inc. he is still considered an employee and receives a yearly salary of around $120,000.

In 1972 he and friend Steve Jobs were robbed outside a pizza parlor in Sunnyvale, California.

Was played by Seth Rogen in the film Steve Jobs.

Was played by Josh Gad in the film Jobs.