Trivia (10)

She is the mother of two sons: Darian Minnick, photographer, and Christian Camargo, actor.

She appeared on Broadway in David Hare's "Skylight" in 2005.

Mother of actor Christian Camargo and Darian Minnick.

Daughter of actor Ralph Camargo

Changed her professional name because she was frequently confused with her older sister, Felice Camargo. She liked the way 'Wyndham' sounded.

Is of Mexican descent.

Has a sculpture permanently on display at the Smithsonian.

Spent much of the last 10 years in Los Angeles studying painting. [2008]

Currently resides in her native Connecticut on an equestrian property, where she quietly tends to her beloved animals and paints in her studio. [June 2007]

Following NBC's cancellation of 'Another World', Wyndham was in talks to play a guest role on 'Days of Our Lives' in 2001, as Lady Sheraton. Wyndham eventually declined the role and Lesley Anne Down was cast instead.