Linda Yellen Poster

Trivia (14)

Graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University

Completed her MFA at Columbia School of the Arts, and her PhD at Columbia School of Arts & Sciences

Films has been selected to be shown at the Cannes, Monte Carlo, New York, Aspen, Banff, Palm Springs, Hamptons and Deauville Film Festivals

Linda's projects have received numerous awards, including 2 Peabodys, 7 Emmys, 1 Luminas, 1 Silver Nymph and 2 Christophers.

Co-writer of "Hollywood's Greatest Un-Filmed Script" - Skinny and Cat - based on the lives of Margret Bourke-White and Erskin Caldwell

Has the only 2 films backed by the Sundance Institute - The Simian Line (2001) and Chantilly Lace (1993)

Has written and produced 2 of Television's highest rated movies ever - "Playing for Time (1980)" and "Royal Romance of Charles and Diana, The (1982)

"Prospera"m a 10 minute short, was Linda's first film ever made. Created during her Sophomore year in college, the film was shown at the New York Film Festival alongside George Lucas' "THX 1138" and Martin Scorscese's "Italianamerican"

Enrolled in Barnard College at age 16

Made her first feature-length film "Come Out, Come Out" at age 19.

Fresh out of college, her first job in the industry was for Cinema 5 LTD., which sent her to England to buy a film called "Secrets", starring Jacqueline Bisset, who was to later star in Linda's film "End of Summer".

She was the subject of an IBM documentary, which depicted her improvosational filmmaking style

Selected to represent Barnard as a teen model for Glamour Magazine, as did her friend JoBeth Williams, who later starred in Linda's film "Chantilly Lace".

Started out directing theater