Wayne was born in Vancouver, B.C. Although dressed somewhat formal as a child, he later dropped the three piece suit, and by the age of 9 was donning a less formal sports coat and slacks. Wayne attended Studio 58 Theatre School, and soon after graduation, was working professionally as an actor. He was a winner in The DuMarier Search for the Stars with a show-stopping rendition of "You Made Me Love You" complete with a portrait of Clark Gable. Over the next decade, Wayne devoted himself to theatre and television. He performed in a multitude of live shows which took him on the road across Canada and to Japan and Scotland. He played in everything from Shakespeare to musicals to murder mysteries to children's theater. He was also an active member of TheatreSports, the Canadian improvisational company. In film, he had the opportunity to work with Michael Crichton and Tom Selleck on the feature "Runaway" and guest starring with Mickey Rooney in TV's "The Adventures of the Black Stallion". For years he was the spokesman for the B.C. Lottery as well as The Keg Restaurant chain.

In 1991, he made the big move down to Los Angeles and immediately started working in commercials and television. Early on, he landed the dual role of the father/interplanetary dog in the children's show "A.J.'s Time Travelers" which ran for 40 episodes with guest stars such as Jeff Foxworthy, Carol Kane, Fred Willard and Sandra Bernhard. He hosted the 26-part series entitled "Mastering the College Experience" for KOCE-TV which is still airing on television today. He has made more than 150 commercials for everything from Gateway to Lowe's and from Denny's to Pepto-Bismol. Recently, he joined the theatre company, Theatre 40. The highlight of his association with the Beverly Hills-based troop was originating the role of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in a new play about the actor's life and tragic downfall entitled "Roar of the Crowd". It was a critical hit as well as a labor of love since Wayne is a true aficionado of the silent film era. He loves anything Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Laurel and Hardy, or Buster Keaton.

Wayne is a series regular on the hit 'tweener' show "Wingin' It" as well as a series regular on the new Showcase comedy "Single White Spenny" with David Steinberg as one of the Executive Producers. Wayne has also appeared on "Two and A Half Men", "Boston Legal", "The West Wing", "Drake and Josh", "Becker", "CSI", "Star Trek Voyager", and "X-Files". Hey, did you catch him in "Meet the Fockers"? For nearly five years, Wayne was proud to be 'Ned, The Orkin Man' - the official spokesman for the national pest control company on television, radio and in personal appearances. He has also appeared in hundreds of other TV and radio commercials - most recently in an Intuit spot in which he is surrounded by cupcake eating co-workers.

To top it off, Wayne is a devoted family man. He and his wife, Bebe, have two beautiful daughters, a big dog named Martha, three cats and a well-stocked fish tank. (The hermit crab died.) He enjoys gardening, reading and endeavoring to fix everything around the house.