Sonja Ziemann Poster

Trivia (9)

Her father was a tax consultant.

Her roles in simple, sentimental movies such as The Black Forest Girl (1950) and The Heath Is Green (1951) made her one of the first stars of Germany's post war cinema.

Her only child, Pierre, died of cancer at the age of 16, just seven months after his stepfather Marek Hlasko's suicide (1970).

Good friends with Hildegard Knef, Pamela Wedekind and Charles Regnier. Three years after Wedekind's death, she married her husband Charles Regnier.

Lives at the Tegernsee (lake) in Bavaria and Davos, Switzerland.

Delicately lovely, dark-haired and innocent-looking German star of post-WWII romance films and musicals.

Following the suicide of her second husband in 1969, she became the constant companion of Martinius Adolff. He perished in an airplane crash in 1974.

Began to train in ballet at age 10 and later studied under Tatjana Gsovsky in Berlin.

Lives in a house for assisted living in Munich because she did not want to live alone in her big house at the Tegernsee. [2009]