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Older sister of actresses Vanessa Zima and Yvonne Zima

Was cast to play a teen-aged Lucille Ball in a movie/mini-series for CBS for 2003. This was a period piece were Madeline would play the I Love Lucy (1951) star from ages 13 to 18 and was scripted to film a scene with a teen-aged Bette Davis, with whom Ball attended drama school. For the role, Madeline would have to cut her long hair in a bob. The movie was tentatively-titled the "I Love Lucy" movie or "Redhead". The movie's final title was Lucy (2003).

Played a character named Rachel Green in the movie The Sandy Bottom Orchestra (2000) - her little sister Yvonne played the first Rachel Greene on the television series, ER (1994).

Parents: Dennis and Maria

She and her sisters have their own website, The ZIMA Sisters' Official Home Page. Fan letters can be sent via email from the site, and Miss Zima answers as many of them as she can.

Was considered for the lead role in The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005).

Voted #64 in FHM's "Sexiest Women in the World" (2009).

Voted #5 "Sexiest Women in the World" FHM Online (2009).

Madeline sings, plays guitar, horseback rides, writes songs, and she writes screenplays.

She loves to snowboard, paint, dance and swim and spends lots of time with her sisters who are also actresses and writers.

Madeline learned to play a violin for her role in the made-for television movie "The Sandy Bottom Orchestra".

Describes herself as very shy and says her sisters usually have to talk to guys for her.

Is set to begin filming the television show, Californication (2007), in June and which will air in August 2007. [May 2007]

Lives in Santa Clarita, CA and is being home-schooled through the Laurel Springs Home School program. Continues to act.

Is set to begin filming the movie Legacy (2008), due in theaters in 2006, in Los Angeles, CA. [November 2005]

Lives in Los Angeles, California. Continues to act and write screenplays. [March 2006]

Zima is Polish for winter.

Her acting mentors were her former The Nanny (1993) co-stars Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy.

Born on the same date as Max Minghella.