Pierre Étaix Poster

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Retrospective at the 15th Angers European First Film Festival, France. [2003]

In the early 1950s, his comedy act in the Paris music halls caught the attention of actor-director Jacques Tati,who hired him to help write gags for Mon Oncle (1958). He was Tati's assistant director on the shoot, and also designed the movie poster.

He was a clown, actor, and film director who won an Oscar for his short film Happy Anniversary (1962).

From early youth Etaix acquired multifaceted skills, having studied the violin and piano, dancing and gymnastics, taught himself to play xylophone, accordion, saxophone, mandolin, trumpet and concertina, as well as learning to become a magician.

Produced his own clown shows upon leaving school and began his career in films as an assistant director following a year of military service in 1949. Worked in Paris from 1953 as an illustrator, cartoonist and cabaret performer.

A master of physical slapstick comedy, he has been compared to Buster Keaton and Max Linder and was greatly influenced by Jacques Tati.

Partnered Nino the Clown briefly in the early 1960's.