Zhong Hao Rong Poster


Stephen Rong was born and raised in Midlothian, Virginia and studied biology at Virginia Tech. Because of the tragic shootings on Virginia Tech's campus in 2017, Stephen decided to change his course in life and pursued a career in entertainment. He traveled to Hong Kong and trained there for a year in singing, dancing, songwriting, and acting. Afterwards, he moved to Taiwan where he entered various televised singing competitions including "Star Avenue" and "Super Idol." These competitions gained him recognition within Taiwan where he continues working in entertainment. Aside from releasing an EP in 2016, he has hosted various TV shows as well as his own radio show on Asia FM. Stephen has also starred in various commercials, TV series, movies in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Stephen speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English fluently, as well as conversational Cantonese, Spanish, and Japanese. He has trained in the martial arts since his youth in American karate, Wushu, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Zhou Ga Kung fu, Xiao Ba Ji Quan, and Shaolin style.