Damon Hoffman Poster


Damon Michael Hoffman, also known as Damon Divine was born on June 5 in Hollywood, California. While growing up, Damon was enamored with professional wrestling. Spending countless hours watching wrestling on television, living vicariously through the performers that he looked up to as father figures as Damon was raised by a single mother. Upon discovering his love for professional wrestling, Damon decided at the age of 8 years old that he would one day become a pro wrestler. During his high school years, Damon became involved with theater and also became a local wrestling promoter as he put on numerous professional wrestling events and provided entertainment continuously throughout his teenage years.

After graduating high school, Damon joined a professional wrestling school, Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) in El Segundo, California. He made his wrestling debut for UPW under the name The Nomad Damon Divine. Damon began competing around the United States and eventually moved to Tampa, Florida where he received a job with Total Nonstop Action wrestling (TNA). Damon would spend the next 4 years working with the company while making numerous television appearances. Soon, Damon began wrestling for West Virginia based, American Pro Wrestling Alliance (APWA) where he would go on to become their Super Junior Heavyweight champion as well as a multiple time tag team champion. As Damon's wrestling career continued, he received tryouts with WWE and even competed before a television taping of Smackdown in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Damon would continue to wrestle and soon received the opportunity in 2017 to travel internationally and perform in Guangzhou China. Soon, Damon followed his other passion with acting and began doing both wrestling and acting simultaneously.