Michelle Way Poster


Born Michelle M. DeMott, she was raised in Jackson, Michigan. She spent her childhood loving Sit Com's, The Carol Burnett Show, and Saturday morning cartoons. Although painfully shy, she knew that's the kind of work she wanted to do when she grew up. Finally getting the nerve to pursue the dream in her heart, Michelle began her acting and voice over career in and around Nashville, Tennessee in 1999. She worked in TV and Radio commercials, radio character voice-overs, and was cast in her first film as a Military Color Guard in Dream Works "The Last Castle" (2001). After a 14-year hiatus raising her family, she divorced, and ran away from home to Southern California. Michelle is now an award-winning indie film actress who has a strong penchant for comedy, and lends her unique and distinctive voice to cartoons, film narration, and commercials. She's living happily ever after with her boyfriend, and is doing what she always dreamed of. Her life's motto is, "It's never too late to start a new adventure."