Jodi Fung Poster


A woman of diverse talents, Jodi Fung incorporates her intellectual, social, and artistic interests into each of her endeavors, enthusiastically exhibiting all the hallmarks of a modern-day renaissance woman. From acting and modeling to entrepreneurialism and philanthropy, Ms. Fung commits herself fully to every enterprise, effectively ensuring that each venture is a success before it even leaves the planning stage.

Beginning her career as a field reporter for ABC affiliate KNTV News in San Jose, Ms. Fung moved to Los Angeles to enhance her on-camera expertise. By compiling an impressive list of credits, including guest-hosting E! Entertainment's Oscar Show, playing recurring characters in popular daytime and prime time television programs, and appearing in feature films, Ms. Fung swiftly became a familiar figure in Los Angeles's social landscape.

Despite her numerous career accolades, however, Ms. Fung is probably best known as the founder and president of The Sirens Society, a unified voice for proactive people striving to positively influence the world though philanthropy, business networking, and seminars. The Sirens Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money for other non-profits and providing socially conscious career opportunities for its members.

Drawing on her inventive spirit and proven networking skills, Ms. Fung has built an enviable career as a successful entrepreneur by identifying demand and creating the supply for a variety of ingenious consumer products. From conceptualization through distribution, Ms. Fung has overseen the creation and growth of such inspired products as Lipprication's Lipp Lube, a matte lip balm favored by many of Hollywood's top make-up artists, and Peepshows Ltd., a dazzling line of crystal-ornamented thongs, specifically designed to complement low-rise jeans. Ms. Fung's latest undertaking is noshows, a unique form of cosmetic nipple concealers.

Not content to rest on her laurels, Ms. Fung constantly explores new ways to enhance and improve her talents, her products, her philanthropic nature, and life in general. Through her two children, Ms. Fung has even discovered how to transform her drive for compassionate perfection into a recipe for sublime motherhood, proving that business and pleasure can indeed coexist-even in Los Angeles.