Eli D Goss Poster


Eli D Goss was born July 11, 2013. He is from New England but is able to do both a Boston accent and an Atlanta accent due to his parents coming from both areas. He enjoys meeting new people on set and is interested in all aspects of movies and TV, but mostly acting. He is quick to memorize lines, takes direction well, and is working towards being able to do stunts. He has won Best Actor from the American Youth Film Festival 2019, Star of the Year From the American Youth Film Festival 2020, was nominated for Best Commercial Actor for the Skyline Performer Awards 2020 and won Best Commercial Performance from the Young Artist Academy 2020. When he's not acting or modeling he enjoys all sports including ice hockey, lacrosse, skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, swimming, track, parkour, riding his bike, and many others. He is working with the prestigious LeBlanc School of acting to perfect his craft with classes as well as private coaching.