Eric Carr Poster

Trivia (11)

Two sisters, Loretta and Sissy.

Though left-handed, he learned to play the drums right-handed just like his idol, Ringo Starr.

His parents are: Albert & Connie Caravello.

Playboy model Carrie Stevens was Carr's girlfriend at the time of his death. He also dated Charisse, the drummer for the all-girl thrash metal band Hari Kari (which was managed by Carr in the late 80s).

Upon joining Kiss in July 1980, Carr (then known as Paul Caravello) was asked to change his name professionally. After considering Rusty Blade as a possible stage name, he finally settled on Eric Carr.

Joined Kiss in 1980, and remained their drummer until his death from cancer in 1991, at age 41. His original character in the band (which wore paint and costumes up until 1983) was to be a hawk, but his unhappiness with that look led to it being changed to a fox shortly before he was introduced in a press conference as the new Kiss drummer.

Died on the same day as Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury.

Kiss's album, 'Revenge' is dedicated to him.

Carr was a talented cartoonist and actually had composed some ideas for a possible comic strips or comic book and enlisted Gene Simmons as his agent to pitch the ideas to publishing companies. Unfortunately, there were no takers.

Carr is interred in the Cedar Hill Mausoleum at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newburgh, New York.

Kiss was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for recording at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.