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Son of writer-director Snehlata Verma and father of 'Suhaana Verma'. They have lived in Wales since 2007.

He was engaged to actress Anuradha Patel in 1983.

Mayur's mother was hell bent in making Mayur a actor. She would try day and night to get films for Mayur. She would pretend to be a journalist and meet producers for interviews, Once the interview would start, she would show Mayur's picture's and try to get him signed. It was during one of these interviews she met Prakash Mehra and got Mayur signed for the film.

Starred in the shelved film Natraj Films "Saahil Se Door"(1988) Starring Mayur,Kavita Choudhary, Directed by Snehlata Verma.

Also works part time as a palmist astrologist.

During his stage concerts in the Fiji Islands during the mid 1980s, Mayur got involved with a girl named Ashalata. They were to get married but later Mayur never returned to Fiji to for fill his promise.