Alexa Lohman Poster


Alexa Jade Lohman is a very talented twelve year old from Arizona. She's not only gifted in acting but in volleyball, kickboxing, boxing, hip hop and exhibits great skill with memorization. She loves the camera and has booked for products and even took top honors at pageants when she won "Tot Personality". Theatrically, she has been performing since she was six years old with, (2014) "Beauty and the Beast, Jr". Some of her earlier work was "Brother's Room" (2018) performed live at the Hudson Theater in LA.

In the movie "Dream Round" (2020) she has a lead role as ten year old Sarah.

Alexa share some scenes with Eric Roberts as his granddaughter in the movie "Exposure" (2020).

Alexa is continuously growing and nurturing her theatrical and on-screen craft with her Arizona acting, improvisation, comedy coaches.