Jack Rovello Poster


Jack Rovello was born in New York City on April 6th 1994, and grew up 40 minutes north of the City. After losing his father at the age of four, Rovello was left to grow up with his mother Celeste, and grandmother and brother David. As he continued to work for Whihelmina Talent Agency in NYC at a young age, Rovello hit gold, being casted in the famous Academy Award nominated film "The Hours." Shortly after showing off his acting talents at a young age he quickly made a name for himself getting nominated for two awards in the same year for his performance as Richie Brown in the film. As time went on Rovello grew up like a normal kid and continued his acting career merging with Abrams Artists, appearing in multiple Soap Operas as guest stars, and continued his film career in the Independent Steve Buscemi film; "Lonesome Jim." As time went on Rovello finally made his debut on One Life To Live, his third Soap Opera, except this time as a recurring contracted player. After appearing in over 16 episodes on the show playing "Justin Lowell," the mayor's son, he took some time off to find himself. Struggling with school bullying and other related issues he took time off from the pain. Several years later he is now out in Los Angeles auditioning and trying to make a name for himself again, represented by Talent Works Agency, credits to his agent August Kammer and through the help of good acting friend Steve Buscemi.